I seem to have too much time on my hands. That is usually the case when I post entries on this blog on consecutive days. I thought I would just like to share some of the blogs I follow. They are all more or less concerned with philosophical topics, ontology in particular. Sorry, no lifestyle or fashion blogs.

Archaeological Haecceities (English)

I have been following this one for quite a while now (years actually). Johan Normark is a Swedish archaeologists interested in applying neorealist ontologies in archaeology. His approach is refreshingly non-anthropocentric.

Dyreverket (Norwegian, English)

These guys provide refreshing and sometimes funny dealings on a number of topics from popular culture to philosophy of science. Unfortunately, I don’t often have time or patience to go through the writings that are in Norwegian.

Ian Bogost (English)

Ian Bogost writes on speculative realism and object-oriented philosophy (as well as video games, which is definitely not the reason I read him). He also photographs and sometimes writes on photography (and this definitely is one of the reasons I like to read him).

Larval Subjects (English)

Levi Bryant is one of the interesting object-oriented philosophers who likes to write a lot. This blog is an endless source of inspiration. I also like Bryant’s clear style of writing.

Object-Oriented Philosophy (English)

Graham Harman is probably the most active of these bloggers, and, like Bryant, he writes mostly on (you guessed) object-oriented philosophy.

It is actually the case that a lot of current philosophy is done discussing online on blogs (Bryant and Harman both also have open access books available) not in journals. It strikes me as odd that I have never come across a serious pragmatism blog. I wonder if the scholars advocating this relatively new field of philosophy called speculative realism are also more likely to adopt the unorthodox habit of taking philosophy online.

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