Summer is coming…

I’ve spent the last six months teaching courses in archaeology at the University of Helsinki. This will all change when I will really start concentrating on my doctoral thesis starting June 1st. I was fortunate to receive a one year funding from the Research Foundation of the University of Helsinki. This will allow for a full time research for a full year. Unfortunately, there will be no follow-up grants for me from the Research Foundation. That means I will have to get funding for the remaining years from elsewhere.

I will not, however, get to devote all of my time for my studies. I have three or four articles to finish during the summer, the EAA presentation to prepare, and one course (Introduction to World Archaeology) to teach in the fall. I have to start planning those lectures early since this is the first time I am teaching this course and I have no material ready whatsoever. I hope to be free from teaching by the end of October. I will also take two weeks off work at the end of August and spend some time in Berlin visiting my friend, so I have account for that.

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