In Oulu (XII NTAG)

I am now in Oulu where the XII Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group seminar is being held. It has been a pleasure to spend some time discussing the current trends in archaeological theory with like-minded people like Brit Solli, Bjørnar Olsen and Matt Edgeworth.

In my paper I proposed a pragmatistic/speculative approach to things and meanings. My point basically was that objects are parts of space where certain habits (from laws of nature and ecological “systems” to bodily habits and social practices) come together. Meaning on the other hand is something that is the outcome of the objects’ esse in futuro, their belonging to the future. The fact that objects (including human thought) always anticipate action is what combines objects and connects them in the most various ways that particular objects come together and form other objects or larger assemblages of objects. This change in objects is also what I think we perceive as passage of time.

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