Time travel

In his recent article, Holtorf (2010) discusses the possibility of time travel and its significance to experiencing the past. Holtorf proposes that the possibility of time travel is solely dependent on the definition of the presence, the past, and the future. He acknowledges the absurdity of traveling back and forth along the linear timeline, but he does not admit that time travel is only a metaphor or simply imaginative. In his definition, the past and the future are not physical realities to which one can travel. The presence, however, is a reality definable as the sum of all human experiences and social practices. Therefore reality is virtual and all time travel possible. (Holtorf 2010.)

Time travel is not only an important factor in experiencing pastness (and futureness), but also crucial to the way people relate to the past in general (Holtorf 2010: 37). Because the past is readily available to all people, it should also be of interest to the professionals to value heritage and past material culture because of their potential to evoke the feeling of pastness (Holtorf 2010: 37), not only for their scientific value or historical authenticity.

  • Holtorf, Cornelius 2010. On the possibility of time travel. Lund Archaeological Review 15-16, 2009-2010: 31-41.

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